What's changed in Base Web 7?

Let's take a look at all the changes Base Web 7 brings
Gergely Nemeth - 10 May 2019

Changes in Base [email protected]

Required React version

To enable the use of hooks, please update your React version to 16.8 or higher.

Styletron update to v5

We've updated Styletron to version 5, and edited style types. Previously to this change, styled calls were not type checked. This change also removes usage of $ref now that Styletron has support for ref forwarding.

See the example below for how this change will affect your code. Type definitions of props passed to components created with styled will be moved out of the style function, and to between styled and arguments. View information of Flow Generics here. Theme no longer needs to be explictly typed in props. The styled function provides that.

Props type pass as generic rather than to callback function

import {styled} from 'baseui';
- type PropsT = {$active: boolean, $theme: ThemeT};
- const MyStyledComponent = styled('div', (props: PropsT) => {
- return {
- backgroundColor: props.$active ? props.$theme.colors.primary400 : props.$theme.colors.negative400,
- };
- });
+ type PropsT = {$active: boolean};
+ const MyStyledComponent = styled<PropsT>('div', props => {
+ return {
+ backgroundColor: props.$active ? props.$theme.colors.primary400 : props.$theme.colors.negative400,
+ };
+ });

Custom theme

If your application has a custom theme, to properly type check in styled functions, you'll need to pass your theme type as a generic.

import {styled} from 'baseui';
type PropsT = {$active: boolean};
- const MyStyledComponent = styled<PropsT>('div', props => {
+ const MyStyledComponent = styled<PropsT, MyCustomThemeT>('div', props => {
return {
backgroundColor: props.$active ? props.$theme.colors.myBlue : props.$theme.colors.myRed,

Better type checks

type PropsT = {$active: boolean};
const MyStyledComponent =
styled <
PropsT >
props => {
console.log(props.$notReal); // is now a flow error
return {
backgroundColor: props.$active
? props.$theme.colors.primary400
: props.$theme.colors.negative400,
notACSSProperty: ':)', // flow will type check for valid css properties as well as values

We understand that adding type checks to your code all of a sudden may introduce a substantial migration effort. Because of this, you can run a codemod to add // $FlowFixMe comment above all uses of baseui's styled function. Doing so will leave your code in the same state as before, no type security, with the benefit of migrating type checks at your leisure. Either update the types along with the baseui version update or run the codemod to save the changes for later. Follow the instructions below to run the codemod locally.

npm install -g jscodeshift
jscodeshift -t node_modules/baseui/codemods/styled-flowfixme.js <transform-path>

Use the -d option for a dry-run and use -p to print the output for comparison.

\$ref -> ref

All usage of $ref has been removed. You'll want to move from $ref to ref and you will see a warning in the console describing the change. This change follows styletron's support of forwardRef in its latest release.

import {styled} from 'baseui';
const MyStyledComponent = styled('div', {color: 'red'});
- <MyStyledComponent $ref={myRef} />
+ <MyStyledComponent ref={myRef} />

styled -> withStyle

Baseui previously checked if the first argument to its styled function was a styletron-component or not. If it was, the function would call withStyle from styletron-react automatically. Support for this was removed in v7. Separating this functionality out will reduce the amount of complexity in baseui's styled function and now clearly maps one to one with styled functionality from styletron-react. The only difference now is that $theme is injected. See an example below for how you may need to update your code. It's a contrived example, but should illustrate how some styletron-components can 'extend' others.

import {styled} from 'baseui';
+import {withStyle} from 'styletron-react';
const InitialComponent = styled('div', props => {
return {
backgroundColor: props.$theme.colors.positive400,
color: 'pink',
-const ExtendedComponent = styled(InitialComponent, {
+const ExtendedComponent = withStyle(InitialComponent, {
backgroundColor: 'blue',

Accordion type changes

  • SharedStylePropsT type is removed. It duplicates the SharedStylePropsArgT type. Use that instead.
  • StyledIcon component is removed. It was only wrapping an arrow icon. This logic was moved to the component itself.
  • StyledRootPropsT and StyledSeparatorT types are removed. There are no style props passed to these components. Use an empty object type if they were imported in your code.

Button Group type changes

  • StylePropsT type is removed. There are no style props passed. Use an empty object type if they were imported in your code.

Checkbox type changes

  • $theme prop is removed from PropsT type. The $theme is provided by the baseui styled function. There is no need to be concerned with it in consuming code.

Datepicker type changes

  • calculateBorderRadius function is no longer exported. It is a utility function not meant to be used.

HeaderNavigation type changes

  • align prop on NavigationList is renamed to $align since it is a component built with styletron.

Icon type changes

  • StyledComponentParamsT type is removed. Use StyledComponentArgsT instead.
  • SharedStylePropsT and StyledComponentPropT types are removed. Use SharedStylePropsArgT instead.

Popover type changes

  • SharedStylePropsT type is removed. Use StyledStyledPropsArgT instead.

Progress Steps type changes

  • StyledProgressStepsPropsT, StyledNumberIconPropsT, StyledNumberContentTailPropsT, StyledNumberStepPropsT, StyledStepPropsT types are removed. Use StylePropsT instead.

Select type changes

  • SharedStylePropsT type is removed. Use SharedStylePropsArgT instead.

Table type changes

  • SharedStylePropsT type is removed. There are no style props passed. Use an empty object type if it was imported in your code

Tabs type changes

  • SharedStylePropsT type is removed. Use SharedStylePropsArgT instead.

Tag type changes

  • SharedPropsT type is removed. Use SharedPropsArgT instead.

Toast type changes

  • SharedStylePropsT type is removed. Use SharedStylePropsArgT instead.
  • ToasterSharedStylePropsT type is removed. Use ToasterSharedStylePropsArgT instead.

Theme changes

We are removing deprecated properties from the theme object. It only affects you if you've used your own theme with the Tag, Tooltip or Input components.

To update your theme, please take a look at the update shape of the theme object here.


The Pagination component was refactored to reuse the Select component for its dropdown element. The change only effects you if you used overrides.

Migrating the Pagination component

  • StyledDropdownMenu export was removed
  • StyledDropdownButton export was removed
  • overrides prop changes:

    • DropdownButton override was removed
    • DropdownMenu override was removed
    • Select override was added. Please note that Select identifier in the pagination overrides object is for a component and not a styled element. Refer to the API of the Select component for the full list of its props.
- import {StyledDropdownMenu} from 'baseui/select';
- import {StyledDropdownButton} from 'baseui/select';
- DropdownButton: {props: {kind: KIND.secondary}},
- DropdownMenu: {style: {width: '300px'}},

Side Navigation

The purpose of this change is to rename the Side Navigation item prop subnav to subNav for consistency with the camel-cased styled component.

Also, as the renderItem prop is not necessary since it's identical to overrides.NavLink.component, we've removed it.

Migrating the Side Navigation component

Update subnav item prop to subNav:

const nav = [
title: 'Colors',
itemId: '#level1.1',
- subnav: [
+ subNav: [
title: 'Primary',
itemId: '#level1.1.1',
title: 'Shades',
itemId: '#level1.1.2',
- subnav: [
+ subNav: [
title: 'Dark',
itemId: '#level1.1.2.1',
title: 'Light',
itemId: '#level1.1.2.2',
title: 'Sizing',
itemId: '#level1.2',
title: 'Typography',
itemId: '#level1.3',
export default () => {
const [location, setLocation] = useState('#level1.1.1');
return (
onChange={({item}) => setLocation(item.itemId)}

Update from renderItem to overrides:

- <Navigation renderItem={MyItem} />
+ <Navigation overrides={{ NavLink: { component: MyItem }}} />


Button designs were updated to have uniform padding on all sides. This change made the square shape redundant so it has been removed.

Migrating the Button component

The main use case for the square shape was to create square buttons with an icon inside of them. This use case is supported by default now. You can simply remove the shape="square" property.

- <Button shape="square">
+ <Button>
<Upload />


We've removed the deprecated COLOR_STYLE_KEYS export from the Tag component. Instead of that, please use the KIND and VARIANT exports.


To be consistent accross components, we'll use aria-label and aria-labelled-by in every components.

Migrating the RadioGroup component

- `ariaLabel="myLabel"`
+ `aria-label="myLabel"`


Removes StyledRadio and StyledRadioMark overrides and components.

Migrating the Radio component

StyledRadio: Update your code to use the Radio component instead. See examples at https://baseui.design/components/radio/.

StyledRadioMark: Update your code to use the StyledRadioInner and StyledRadioOuter instead. If you are using the StyledRadio component, replace that with the Radio component and this warning should go away. See examples at https://baseui.design/components/radio/.

- Radio: {},
+ RadioInner: {},
+ RadioOuter: {},


Refactors Datepicker components to support collections of composed pickers (datepicker, timepicker, timezonepicker).

Refactors quick select buttons to dropdown menu

  • Removes the QuickSelectLabel QuickSelectButtons overrides.
  • Adds QuickSelect override to customize the internal Select component.
  • Adds QuickSelectFormControl override to customize the internal FormControl component wrapping QuickSelect.
- QuickSelectLabel: {},
- QuickSelectButtons: {},
+ QuickSelect: {},
+ QuickSelectFormControl: {},

Combines month/year dropdowns to a single menu

  • Removes the MonthSelect YearSelect overrides.
  • Adds MonthYearSelectButton MonthYearSelectIconContainer overrides.
  • Adds MonthYearSelectPopover MonthYearSelectStatefulMenu overrides to customize internal popover and menu.
- MonthSelect: {},
- YearSelect: {},
+ MonthYearSelectButton: {},
+ MonthYearSelectIconContainer: {},
+ MonthYearSelectPopover: {},
+ MonthYearSelectStatefulMenu: {},

Simplifies the TimezonePicker value and onChange prop

- onChange={({item}) => console.log(item)}
+ onChange={item => console.log(item)}
- value={[{id: 'America/Los_Angeles'}]}
+ value="America/Los_Angeles"


Removes the unnecessary TabPanel component.

Migrating the Tab component

<StatefulTabs initialState={{activeKey: '0'}}>
- <TabPanel title="Tab Link 1">Tab 1 content</TabPanel>
+ <Tab title="Tab Link 1">Tab 1 content</Tab>

Updated Button component visuals

As part of the Base Web 7 release, we've updated the Button component visuals, and introduced a Large size.

In a future, non-major release, we'll update the Button colors to use grayscale colors instead of the color blue.

Buttons - Base Web version 7

Updated Input component visuals

As part of the Base Web 7 release, we've updated the Input component visuals, and introduced a Large size.

Inputs - Base Web version 7

Rounded Corners

Many components have been changed to have non-rounded corners.

As of Base Web v7.2.1, if you would like to preserve the pre-v7 round corners, you can do so by customizing your theme with a few new variables:

const theme = {
borders: {
// use these values to preserve rounded corners look
useRoundedCorners: true,
+ buttonBorderRadius: '4px',
+ inputBorderRadius: '4px',
+ popoverBorderRadius: '8px',
+ surfaceBorderRadius: '4px',

Components that were unchanged in v7 will still respect the useRoundedCorners variable, but we expect this variable will soon be deprecated in a future major release. Here is a mapping of which components each theme variable affects:

Checkbox, Datepicker (Range), Progress Bar, Slider, Tag
Button, ButtonGroup
Input, Select, Textarea
Popover, Menu, Tooltip
Card, Datepicker, Modal, Toast, Notification