The last update: 12 March 2020

If you want to see what we are working on and what won't be worked on, you've come to the right place.

Next up

Items are not necessarily in priority order.

Support for nested overrides in the playground
Better mobile support for all components
Updated visuals for the sidebar and tree view components
The next major, v10 (see below)

Not planned

The following items won't be included in any future Base Web releases.

Support for react-form, formik, or similar out of the box

The next major

We have a new major version, v10, planned for September of 2021. Below you will find all of the potentially breaking changes we are including in v10. To provide a seamless upgrade experience, we'll ship codemods for all changes.

We will keep this list updated to give you as much time to prepare as possible. Also, feel free to open an issue if you want to discuss any of the changes.


  • The timePickerAriaLabel prop will be removed in favor of timePickerAriaLabel12Hour or timePickerAriaLabel24Hour.


  • The Backdrop override property will be removed in favor of DialogContainer.
  • The unstable_ModalBackdropScroll prop will be removed and become the default behavior.
  • The autofocus prop will be removed in favor of autoFocus.


  • The design will be updated to split the dial code selector into a separate control (CountryPicker). Available now as PhoneInputNext. In v11, PhoneInputNext will replace the current default implementation (PhoneInput).
  • The CountrySelect component will be removed in favor of CountryPicker.


  • The design will be updated to use a fill without rounded corners. Available now as StyledSpinnerNext. In v11, StyledSpinnerNext will replace the current default implementation (Spinner).


  • The zIndex theme property will be removed in favor of the Layers system.
  • The tooltip theme property will be removed in favor of the colors.tooltipBackground and colors.tooltipText properties. Further context.
  • The legacy set of semantic color properties will be removed. You can use the following mapping to update to the newer set of semantic color properties:

    • colorPrimary -> contentPrimary
    • colorSecondary -> contentSecondary
    • background -> backgroundPrimary
    • backgroundAlt -> backgroundSecondary
    • backgroundInv -> backgroundInversePrimary
    • foreground -> contentPrimary
    • foregroundAlt -> contentSecondary
    • foregroundInv -> contentInversePrimary
    • border -> borderOpaque
    • borderAlt -> borderTransparent
    • borderFocus -> borderSelected
    • borderError -> borderNegative
    • shadowFocus -> -
    • shadowError -> -
  • There will be more refactoring of the theme, but not all of the details have been decided on yet. Track this issue if interested.


  • The renderPanelContent prop will be removed in favor of renderAll.



  • The successValue prop will be removed. The value prop should be normalized as though successValue were always set to 100.


  • All overrides on the RadioGroup component will be removed except for RadioGroupRoot. Overrides should be passed to Radio children instead.


  • The StyledSearchIcon component will be removed in favor of StyledSearchIconContainer. Further context.


  • The older typography components will be removed in favor of the newer typography components. The older components already alias the newer components according to this mapping:

    • Display -> DisplayLarge
    • Display1 -> DisplayLarge
    • Display2 -> DisplayMedium
    • Display3 -> DisplaySmall
    • Display4 -> DisplayXSmall
    • H1 -> HeadingXXLarge
    • H2 -> HeadingXLarge
    • H3 -> HeadingLarge
    • H4 -> HeadingMedium
    • H5 -> HeadingSmall
    • H6 -> HeadingXSmall
    • Paragraph1 -> ParagraphLarge
    • Paragraph2 -> ParagraphMedium
    • Paragraph3 -> ParagraphSmall
    • Paragraph4 -> ParagraphXSmall
    • Label1 -> LabelLarge
    • Label2 -> LabelMedium
    • Label3 -> LabelSmall
    • Label4 -> LabelXSmall